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  • Episode #1: The Do-Gooder's Syndrome, 4:19

  • Episode #2: The New York Connection, 4:56

  • Cutscene office life #1: Everyone must do what he can.

  • Cutscene office life #2: Every day a little bit better.

  • Interrogation #1: Alejandro Litovsky: World Security Initiative, 2:44

  • Interrogation #2: Gergana Aneva: Teach Me to Fish, 2:26

  • Interrogation #3: Horst Krumbach: Generationsbrücke (“Generation Bridge“), 3:05

  • Interrogation #4: Peggy Liu: Blueprint for Impact, 2:10

Criminal charge: The establishment of an association that is unprecedented in its nature.

The main aim of the intiative “Teach Me To Fish” is the integration of orphans into a natural social environment. Gergana Aneva strives to establish a network of volunteers in all of Bulgaria.